BS Game Development

The Bachelor of Science in Game Development is a combination of a Computer Science degree with a minor in mathematics, a second minor of your choice, and a cognate of 5 approved classes from Art, Electronic Media Art Design, and Digital Media Studies. This list of classes will be determined in collaboration with the Art department and the DMS program. In addition, both degrees require satisfying the University general education Foundation and Core requirements for BA and BS degrees. The BS requires two minors, one of which must be math for the game development major, and the BA requires one minor which is satisfied by the required double major.

This program provides a strong computer science and technical background, preparing students for all aspects of game programming, while providing them with (I) a foundation in art that includes both appreciation and understanding of the significance of art, with some ability to create art themselves, or (II) a foundation in the critical, technical and design foundations in digital media studies. Thus, graduates of this program are able to help in the programming and development of games, while understanding and being able to communicate effectively with the artists who are part of any game development project. The BS requires more mathematics and more required COMP classes than the BA and is balanced with fewer classes in the allied fields. To learn more, click here.

Total Credit Hours:

183 qrt. hrs.

Required Courses:

COMP 1671 Introduction to Computer Science I
COMP 1672 Introduction to Computer Science II
COMP 2300 Discrete Structures in Computer Science
COMP 2355 Introduction to Systems Programming
COMP 2370 Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures
COMP 2673 Introduction to Computer Science III
COMP 2691 Introduction to Computer Organization
COMP 3361 Operating Systems I
COMP 3801 Introduction to Computer Graphics
COMP 3821 Game Programming I
COMP 3822 Game Programming II
COMP 3705 Game Capstone I
COMP 3705 Game Capstone II

Other Requirements: 

Students who intend to obtain a B.S. in Game Development must satisfy all the requirements of the Bachelor of Science degree as outlined in the University of Denver Undergraduate Bulletin. One of the two minor areas required in the B.S. program must be in mathematics. The other minor may be in any field.

In addition, five approved allied field classes from Art, EMAD, and DMS to fulfill the cognate are required. These courses can bemused as part of the second minor.

These 13 courses total 48 credit hours. An additional 8 hours of 3000-level computer science electives are required. COMP 2400 or COMP 2555 may be used to satisfy 4 credits of the required 3000-level elective credits, but COMP 3904 may not be used in this way. In addition, 16 hours of mathematics electives must all be at the 1000-level or higher and at least 4 of the 16 quarter hours must be at the 2000 or higher level.


Sample Program:

A sample curriculum for the degree is available here . Since there are many variations to this schedule, students should select their own schedule in consultation with an academic advisor from The Department of Computer Science.

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