BA Game Development

The Bachelor of Arts in Game Development is a degree which prepares students to be capable of creating artistic content for games while having a strong technical background, enabling them to bridge the gap between artist and programmer. The BA requires a double major, one in Game Development, and one in Digital Media Studies, Electronic Media Art Design, or Studio Art. A graduate of this program will be able to both a developer and an artist, which serves well in art, programming and game design. To learn more, click here.

Total Credit Hours:

183 qrt. hrs.

Required Courses:

COMP 1671 Introduction to Computer Science I
COMP 1672 Introduction to Computer Science II
COMP 2300 Discrete Structures in Computer Science
COMP 2355 Introduction to Systems Programming
COMP 2370 Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures
COMP 2673 Introduction to Computer Science III
EDPX 3600 3D Modeling
COMP 3705 Game Design
COMP 3705 Game Capstone I
COMP 3705 Game Capstone II
COMP 3821 Game Programming I

Other Requirements:

The BA requires a minimum of 48 credit hours of Computer Science and Emergent Digital Practices classes. In addition to the 11 required COMP and EDPX courses listed above totaling 40 credit hours, two additional electives are chosen and approved in consultation with your advisor and includes choices from AI for Games, Computer Animation, Advanced Graphics, Operating Systems, Computer Networking, Network Games, Game Design, Digital Audio Production I, Digital Audio Productions II, Topics in Game Programming and Topics in Game Design.

In addition, the BA in Game Development requires a minor in Emergent Digital Practices or Studio Art. Note that EDPX 3600 does not count towards this minor. Also, per University requirements, no more than 60 hours of courses in any one department can be applied toward the BA degree.

See the following web pages for specifics of major requirements for the allied fields.

Emergent Digital Practices

Sample Program:

A sample curriculum for the degree is available here . Since there are many variations to this schedule, students should select their own schedule in consultation with an academic advisor from The Department of Computer Science.

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