Gamasutra 2014 Game Industry Salary Survey

July 25th, 2014

Gamasutra recently finished their 2014 Game Industry Salary Survey.  The survey details many different aspects of compensation in the industry, giving students a good idea of what to expect when they begin working in the industry.  See the link below for more information.

Gamasutra 2014 Game Industry Salary Survey

Student Team Makes Top-5 at E3 Collegiate Games Competition

May 15, 2014

Student team “Underhaus” has been named a top-5 finalists in the 2014 E3 College Game Competition for their game “Data Helix”!   Data Helix will be demonstrated June 10-12 at E3 in the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Congratulations to team members Andrew Bustrack, Ian Conner, Thomas Divelbiss, and Daniel Hanna.

Data Helix Website

Underhaus Development Blog

E3 Announcement

Professor Sturtevant Presents at 2014 Game Developers Conference

March 22, 2014

Professor Nathan Sturtevant spoke at the 2014 Game Developers Conference at a session titled, Rolling the Dice: Leveraging Monte-Carlo Tree Search in Game AI” .  The talk abstract was:

“As the complexity of potential state spaces that AI agents have to explore moves beyond more traditional games like chess, search-based approaches like minimax are no longer feasible to employ. Worse, when imperfect information is involved, the problem becomes largely intractable. What is needed is a way of exploring that multi-layered possibility space and coming up with a “good enough” answer, even if it isn’t the “mathematically perfect” one, and still do it in a reasonable amount of time. Using examples from a suite of successful commercial mobile games, as well as the winner of the annual StarCraft AI Competition, this session explains how Monte-Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) works and how it has become a viable tool for AI agents in a wide variety of games.”

Photos from the GDC conference are posted below:


Professor GauthierDickey Chairs NETGAMES 2013

December 5, 2013

The 12th Annual Workshop on Network and Systems Support for Games will be held in Denver December 9-10.  Professor Chris GauthierDickey is serving as both Program Committee and General Chair.

Professor Leutenegger and STRIVE Prep Network Schools awarded Entertainment Software Association Grant

August, 1, 2013

Professor Scott Leutenegger and the STRIVE Prep Schools system have been awarded and Entertainment Software Association Education Challenge Grant to promote STEM learning.  The grant, titled, “Behind the Scenes With the SIMS”, will teach computer programming to 6th graders in an after school elective.  Students will explore The Sims and then create their own SIMS game using Android App Inventor.




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