Welcome to the DU Game Development Program.  The DU vision statement is, “The University of Denver will be a great private university dedicated to the public good”, and our Game Development Program fully embraces this vision.  Not only do we prepare students for careers in the interactive entertainment industry, we also conduct research to purposely make games “good”.  We have coined the term Humane Games to include: Games for Education, Games for Change, and Games for Health.  Our faculty and students are engaged in both Games for Entertainment and Humane Games research.

One measure of program quality is the excellent quality of our students.  One recent example of this quality is E3 announcing one of our student games as one of 5 finalists at the 2014 E3 Collegiate Games Competition. Our students are also successful after graduation as evidences by DU Game Development and Computer Science students finding employment at CCP Games, Clever Media, Dire Wolf Digital, Fuel Industries, Idol Minds, Linden Labs, NetDevil, Riptide Games, WickedWare, Worlds Apart, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, Twitter and many other companies.

Another measure of program quality is our outstanding faculty.  Our core game development faculty have worked in the game industry, serve as top researchers and makers who obtain research funding, publish papers, and present their work at venues such as the Game Developers Conference, NETGAMES, and the Games For Change Conference.  At the same time our faculty are dedicated teacher-scholars who actively work with our students both in and outside of the classroom. DU has a student/faculty ratio of 10 to 1 allowing for more faculty contact that normally found at research schools. In addition, our game program benefits from the strengths of our faculty in allied programs such as Computer Science, Emergent Digital Practices and Studio Art.

Our programs at DU are designed to provide flexibility in finding one’s own path.  If an incoming student follows our recommended first two year curriculum they will be able to complete any of the following degrees in four years:  BS in Game Development, BA in Game Development, BS in Computer Science, or BA Applied Computing. In addition, there are Dual Degree Programs allowing a student to complete a BS in Computer Science and receive a Masters in Computer Science or an MBA from our highly ranked Daniels College of Business.  An advanced degree provides excellent preparation for the technical, creative, and business aspect of careers in the interactive entertainment industries.

Please do look around our website and contact us with any questions.


Scott T. Leutenegger

Professor and Game Development Program Director


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