Why Study Game Development?

The obvious reason to study Game Development: game programming and art/design are challenging, satisfying, and a lot of fun.  The less obvious reason is that a degree in game development from the University of Denver will result in the graduate possessing a solid foundation in computer science as well as creative skills.  Our graduates will complete a rigorous sequence of classes in computer science, programming, graphics, and game programming in addition to completing a major or cognate in Studio Art or Emergent Digital Practices.  This combination of both technical and creative skills will set you apart from a typical CS/IT or art graduate.

The degree also has a broad applicability.  Although the direct focus is the creation of games, skills learned are directly applicable to the much broader fields digital entertainment, computer science, and interactive training and simulation. Interactive simulation applications include scientific exploration, health sciences, general education, law enforcement, defense, justice, cable/entertainment, and security industries. Many industries and agencies are becoming more dependent on interactive computer training and simulation. We expect this trend to continue into the next few decades and hence the ability to apply this degree to many jobs and graduate programs will continue to grow.

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